Integrating Salesforce with Outlook or Gmail

Integrating Salesforce with Outlook or Gmail

It finally happened…

Many Salesforce users don’t like the ongoing juggling between Salesforce and their email account.

We have some good news for you! Salesforce has launched an configuration integrating Salesforce with Outlook and Gmail.

This configuration make sure all the emails you send from Salesforce are all so saved in your ‘Sent Items’ in your Gmail/Outlook account, which means you can stay in Salesforce, send all your emails, and still have all your emails saved in one place!

Lightning For Gmail / Outlook Integration

If Gmail or Outlook is your best friend but you still want to access your Salesforce data, this tool is a life changer. You can access your Salesforce Contacts,


Opportunity and other info directly through you email account. You can work using your email account while having all the information you need from Salesforce.

Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture integrates your email calander and messages with Salesforce. You can have everything you need in one place!

You can see past messages and future meetings with your potential clients on Salesforce. This is a two-way feature, meaning that you can see events set on Salesforce on your Outlook or Google account.

Einstein Activity Capture makes the email, calander and Salesforce integration both simple and effective.


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