iCloudius: Salesforce Integration


Why should you choose iCloudius as your Salesforce integrator?

iCloudius is an experienced cloud-based software integrator and is one of the three leading Salesforce partners in Israel. iCloudius is especially proficient in small-medium business, and start-ups.

What differentiates iCloudius from its competitors? The fact that we provide the best value for money to you, our customer. We believe in good communication and transparency, explaining both the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce as a way to achieve business success. As part of our customer-based approach, we provide all the relevant tools that are required to properly use and understand the Salesforce system. In addition, we believe in a gradual adjustment of the customers to the system, customizing for what you, the client, really need. That is why we provide initial training and let the client decide how they want to train the rest of the company’s employees.

In addition, we use best practices to optimize systems that have been implemented improperly and we’ll be glad to help and support your system as needed.

iCloudius provides many salesforce services, including:

  • Service Cloud – A system for handling inquiries, tracking the course of services, etc.
  • Sales Cloud – Helps you track the entire sales cycle from marketing to deal closures.
  • App Cloud – (PaaS) quickly create cloud apps to support any business process.
  • Pardot – B2B marketing, marketing, and automation.
  • CPQ – Configure Price Quote – a process manager for complex quotations (appropriate product combinations, certain discounts, etc.)
  • Community Cloud – Allow Customers and Partners to manage their support tickets, access knowledge base and Sales opportunities.