The surprising partnership between Google and Salesforce

The surprising partnership between Google and Salesforce

There is no doubt that the new and surprising partnership between Google Cloud Platform and Salesforce will have a great impact on the world of cloud services and on CRM particularly.

Mainly, it would substantially benefit the customers of Google and Salesforce and emerge as a force multiplier for both corporations in the cloud domain. Their customers would get a more comprehensive picture of their data residing within Salesforce, Gmail, Drive, Hangouts etc.

In addition, it seems like the new partnership is already making difficulties for Salesforce and Google’s competitors who would have to create better technology and better services if they want to stay in the game.

We think that it will take a few months before we realize and understand the great impact of that new partnership.

We at iCloudius are very excited about this new partnership, and wish Salesforce and Google the best of luck!

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